" The Character Building University "

Vission and Mission


Becoming an excellent university in education, industrial engineering and culture


To realize the vision above, 5 missions are defined, specifically:

  1. Conducting education, research, and community service as well as cooperation with various agencies in and outside the country.
  2. Develop Unimed into a superior teaching and research institution.
  3. Develop creative industrial and technological engineering.
  4. Developing a scientific and ethnic culture, entrepreneurshipp.
  5. Develop an organizational climate and a healthy academic atmosphere.

 Strategic Goals

To execute the mission, then set the goal Unimed, specifically:

  1. Create graduates who are superior, professional, character, have intellectual intelligence, entrepreneurship skills and nationalism.
  2. Produce, develop, and disseminate science, technology, and / or art to realize the tridharma of higher education.
  3. Produce various agreements and cooperation activities at local, national, regional and international levels to support the acceleration of regional and national development.
  4. Produce scientific work to develop Unimed as the center of learning and research innovation.
  5. Produce innovative and creative product works that can add value to business world and industrial world (DUDI).
  6. Create graduates who are culturally based on ethnic culture and have ethnic culture and have an entrepreneurial culture and develop a scientifically cultured organization.
  7. Develop Unimed as a healthy organization and conducive academic atmosphere.