" The Character Building University "

Symbol and Motto

The main shape of the Medan State University Symbol is the circle with pentagon which symbolized the National Philosophy, The Pancasila. The color of the symbol is green with Kenanga (Cananga odorata) flower shape. This flower is the North Sumatera Province floral symbol. The meaning of this flower symbol is like the Kenanga flower that will give the nice scent wherever it may be, all the students, lecturers, staffs of Medan State University will be known for their good deed to their surrounding anywhere they may be.

The six sepals of Kenanga flower on the outer line symbolize the six faculties in the Medan Educational Institute that later on became the Medan State University. The faculties are responsive to any changes in the nation especially on the education aspects as they are on the outer line and become the first to encounter any changes.

The sun shape on the top middle symbolizes the university as one of the guiding light for those who seek knowledge.

The three red sepals under the sun symbolize the mission of Medan State University which is the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.

The white pen tip shape on the green Kenanga symbolizes the determination of the university to perform its mission.