" The Character Building University "


Dean of  Pedagogy Faculty  : Dr. Nasrun, M.S
Vice Dean I : Prof. Dr. Yusnadi, M.S
Vice Dean II :Drs. Elizon Nainggolan, M.Pd.
Vice Dean III : Drs. Edidon Hutasuhut, M.Pd


Dean of Engineering Faculty : Prof. Dr. Harun Sitompul, M.Pd
Vice Dean I : Dr. Rosnelli, M.Pd
Vice Dean II : Dr. Eka Daryanto, MT
Vice Dean III : Dr. Nathanael Sitanggang, M.Pd


Dean of  Language an Art Faculty  : Dr. Isda Pramuniati, M.Hum
Vice Dean I : Dr. Wahyu Triatmojo, M.Hum
Vice Dean II : Drs. Basyaruddin, M.Pd
Vice Dean III : Dr. Marice, M.Hum


Dean of  Social Science Faculty  : Dra. Nurmala Berutu, M.Pd
Vice Dean I : Dr. Deny Setiawan, M.Si
Vice Dean II : Dra. Flores Tanjung, M.A
Vice Dean III : Drs. Waston Malau, M.SP


Dean of Sports Science Faculty : Dr. Budi Valianto, M.Pd
Vice Dean I : Drs. Suharjo, M.Pd
Vice Dean II : Dr. Syamsul Gultom, S.K.M, M.Kes
Vice Dean III : Drs. Mesnan, M.Kes


Dean of Mathematic and Natural Science
: Dr. Martina Restuati, M.Si
Vice Dean I : Prof. Dr. Herbert Sipahutar, M.S., M.Sc
Vice Dean II : Prof. Dr. Mukhtar, M.Pd
Vice Dean III : Drs. Mhd. Yusuf Nasution, M.Si


Dean of Economy Faculty : Prof. Indra Maipita, M.Si., Ph.D
Vice Dean I : Dr. Eko Wahyu Nugrahadi, M.Si
Vice Dean II : Drs. La Ane, M.Si
Vice Dean III : Drs. Jhonson, M.Si


Director of Graduate School : Prof. Dr. Bornok Sinaga, M.Pd
Vice Director I : Prof. Dr. Syahyar, M.S., M.M
Vice Director II : Prof. Dr. Busmin Gurning, M.Pd


Head of Research Institute : Prof. Motlan, M.Sc., Ph.D
Head of Community Service Institute : Dr. Kustoro Budiarta, M.E
Head of Instructional Activity Development and
Improvement Institution
: Prof. Dr. Efendi Napitupulu, M.Pd
Head of  Learning Center Resources & Technology of Education and Curriculum Sources (PSBTK-SK) : Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Binari Manurung, M.Pd
Head of Center for History Studies & Social Sciences (PUSSIS) : Dr. Phil. Ichwan Azhari, M.S
Head of  Human Rights Studies Center (PUSHAM) : Majda El Muhtaj, S.H., M.Hum
Head of  Population & Environment Education Studies Center (PUSDIP-KLH) : Syarifuddin, M.Sc., Ph.D
Head of  Population & Environment Education Studies Center  (PUSDIBANG-KS) : Dr. Farihah, M.Pd
Head of  Gender Studies & Child Protection Center (PSGPA) : Ir. Muthia Fadila, M.Ed
Head of Language Center : Dra. Juriaty Ownie, M.A
Head of Employment Service Center (PJK) : Ir. Herkules Abdullah, M.S
Head of Student Health Center : dr. Zulfahri
Head of Unit Counseling Guidance Services (UPBK) : Prof. Dr. Abdul Munir, M.Pd
Head of Field Experience Program (UPPL) : Prof. Dr. Pargaulan Siagian, M.Pd