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FIK Students Achieve Gold in Pencak Silat Championship in Indonesia

Jakarta (UNJ) – Student of FIK Unimed Rizka Andini won the gold medal at the Pencak Silat Championship between UNJ OPEN I / 2018 Indonesian Higher Education held by the State University of Jakarta (UNJ) on 11 – 13 May 2018 in Gor Ciracas, Jakarta.

UNJ Open I is one of the activities of Sports Club Achievement of Pencak Silat University of Jakarta. UNJ Open I aims to foster and prepare the regeneration of athletes that will emerge athletes at the level of maturity Indonesia potentially and qualified to keep up the Nation of Indonesia and the spirit of nationalism in culture and always maintain Sportivitas.

Rizka Andini when interviewed by Public Relations Unimed said that she felt proud and grateful to win and gain a gold medal in UNJ Open I. Rizka said that she is very happy because it can bring the name of FIK and Unimed in the national championship UNJ Open. Not Forgotten Rizka also thanks the coach and the dean, vice deans and lecturers who have provided support. at the end of the interview Rizka conveys the message “Make Big Dreams And start stepping to realize the Dream even if you can do the smallest step. Never give up because there will be success if we are not unyielding and rest assured that failure will improve the final result, “Rizka said when interviewed.

Dr. Budi Valianto, M.Pd, Dean of FIK Unimed, said that he is proud and grateful because a student of FIK can achieve gold medal achievement of Pencak Silat Championship Se-Indonesia. “I congratulate Rizka, this achievement is good news for us leadership because Rizka managed to bring good name Unimed in the national championship. Hopefully when returning to campus Rizka can share experiences and insight to other FIK students so that they do not hesitate in stepping into national athletes who carry the name Unimed and Indonesia in national and world championships, “said Dr. Budi Valianto.

In his office, Prof. Syawal Gultom, Unimed Rector also congratulated and participated proudly because FIK Unimed students who follow the Pencak Silat Championship between Universities in Indonesia successfully carve a proud achievement by bringing home a gold medal to beat his opponents. “We civitas Unimed congratulate and successfully to Rizka for carving achievements at the national level. We hope that this achievement will encourage all Unimed students to keep working hard and learn smart to be able to excel in various academic, sports and other activities. Unimed forward, competitive and fragrant all the time because we believe all Unimed citizens can continue to innovate and work for the name of Unimed in international and national arena, ” Prof. Syawal, said. (Unimed Public Relations)