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Represent Indonesia, Lecturer of French Language Study Program Unimed Becomes JIPF Participant

FBS Unimed Lecturer, Dr. Andi Wete Polili, M.Hum. represented Indonesia in an international webinar, as well as live-streaming videos of French teachers/speakers around the world held by Campus Francophonia France on November 26, 2020 online.

The event was held to commemorate The French Teacher’s Day sejagat, “Journée Internationale des Professeurs de Français” (JIPF). The organizers gave appreciation and respect to some of the world’s French language teachers for making a live video “un témoignage” proud to be a french language teacher, which is 2-3 minutes long to participate in this annual international event.

Some of the world’s selected French language teachers come from Asia, Africa, America, and Europe. The countries are Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Morocco, Senegal, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, Hungary, Greece, Portugal and Indonesia.

Unimed French language study lecturer Dr. Andi Wete Polili, M.Hum. became the only French teacher/lecturer representing Indonesia in the event. This annual event as well as a very prestige opportunity in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic is used to promote Indonesian tourism and culture and also introduce the presence of French language in Indonesia, especially in North Sumatra. ” Je suis fier d’être enseignant de français”

At the meeting, Andi expressed his “happiness and pride in being a French language teacher and was chosen from thousands of French language teachers around the world, to attend the Journée Internationale des Professeurs de Français event. In addition, there will also be a world-class French language competition to be announced in January 2021.”

Dean of FBS Dr. Abdurrahman Adisaputera, M.Hum. also expressed his pride because FBS Unimed lecturers could represent Indonesia in the international event. We greatly appreciate and support lecturers to expand their relationships and experiences, later very useful for the advancement of Unimed and improve the existence of Unimed on the International stage.