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Lecturer of French Language Education Program FBS UNIMED Won 2nd Place in The World French Teacher Day Celebration Competition

Representing Medan State University, Lecturer of French Language Education Study Program FBS Unimed Won 2nd Place in the World French Teacher Day Celebration Competition on Thursday(26/11). Lecturer and Head of French Language Education Program FBS Unimed Dr. Tengku Ratna Soraya, M.Pd participated in a competition held by the All-Indonesia French Language Teachers Association (PPPSI-APFI) in order to celebrate the world French Teacher Day with the theme “New Relationships and Practices: Programs for the Future” (Nouveaux liens et nouvelle pratiques: projet pour demain) as part of this celebration.

This short 2-3-minute video competition is about happiness and pride in acting as a French teacher and introducing the cultural characteristics of their respective provinces. The competition aims to promote the profession of French teachers through activities that create relationships and solidarity between members through friendly activities. The competition is part of the world’s French Teacher’s Day celebrations.

The highlight of the event took place Via Online on November 26, 2020 which was attended by 300 participants consisting of French teachers throughout Indonesia either as teachers in secondary education or lecturers in higher education, French Ambassador to Indonesia and East Timor Olivier Chambard, President of the Indonesian Association of French Teachers (APFI-PPPSI) Prof. Dr.Tri Indri Hardini, M.Hum, French Institute of Linguistic Cooperation (IFI) Philippe Grangé, President of the Asia Pacific Commission of the World Federation of French Teachers (CAP-FIPF) Julia Yang and Secretary General of the World Frankofon Organization (OIF).

The event also featured a presentation from Christhoper Laenzlinger of the Institute of Teacher Training/ University of Geneva, Switzerland (Institut de Formation des Enseignants/Université de Genève, Suisse) with the title “French language and teaching in the French-speaking Region of Switzerland, LexiGrammaire Program: New Practices and Challenges” (Le français et son enseignement en Suisse romande. Le projet LexiGrammaire: nouvelles pratiques et nouveaux défis).

Rector of Unimed Dr. Syamsul Gultom, SKM., M.Kes. also congratulated Dr. Tengku Ratna Soraya, M.Pd. who has won the 2nd Place in the World French Teacher Day Celebration Competition. This achievement is proud for us academic community and scent the name Unimed, hopefully can be a lighter for other lecturers to continue to excel.