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Following up on Cooperation, the Indonesian Embassy in Romania and the Republic of Moldova visited UNIMED

MEDAN – Medan State University in November last year which was bridged by the Indonesian Embassy in Romania in collaboration with several universities in Romania. Following up on the results of the collaboration that has been carried out by UNIMED, the Indonesian Embassy in Romania and the Republic of Moldova visited UNIMED to further discuss what activities would be carried out in the future. The delegation from the Indonesian Embassy was welcomed by the UNIMED Rector Dr. Syamsul Gultom, SKM., M.Kes in Meeting Room A, Rector’s Bureau Building (03/03/2020).

The delegation of the Indonesian Embassy to Romania and the Republic of Moldova who came to UNIMED, namely the Indonesian Ambassador M. Amhar Azeth, the Assistant Indonesian Ambassador Indriastuti Amhar, Prof. Ramona Mihaila Vice Rector for International Relations Christian Univ. Dimitrie Cantemir, Inggrid Rosalina Diplomat Associate Expert in Implementing Economic Functions, Regia Mutiara Rozuah Diplomat Ahil Muda Implementing the Function of Social and Cultural Affairs. Also present in the discussion activity were the ranks of the Vice Chancellor, the Chairperson of the UNIMED Senate, the Dean, the Chair of the Institute, the Deputy Dean and the expert staff of the Vice Chancellor IV’s office.

In his remarks the Indonesian Embassy, ​​M. Amhar Azeth, said that the working visit was carried out in order to follow up the UNIMED Rector’s working visit to Bucharest in November last year. “We want the visit that has been carried out to be of benefit to us all. Before coming here, I had visited several universities that could link and match with UNIMED. There were even universities in Romania that were ready to send their researchers to UNIMED to conduct joint research. Therefore, I hope that the results of the discussion carried out during this visit can be implemented there, “said M. Amhar

UNIMED Chancellor Dr. Syamsul Gultom, SKM., M.Kes in his remarks welcomed and appreciated the arrival of the Indonesian Embassy in Medan, especially to UNIMED. “We hope that the embassy can become a bridge to connect UNIMED with various universities there to collaborate. Because cooperation with various foreign universities is an important point in UNIMED’s re-accreditation in 2021. We are opening the door for universities who want to collaborate with UNIMED, “the Rector said.

The event was followed by a discussion of various activities that will be carried out to follow up on the collaboration that has been carried out such as student exchanges, joint research, and the open summer campus which is the UNIMED KUI office program to accept foreign students who wish to study at UNIMED. In the discussion, M. Amhar promised to hold a meeting with the Ministry of Tourism to discuss further about the UNIMED program, namely open campus, besides that, M. Amhar would also follow up and facilitate exchange of students with Romanian universities.